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Over the years, I've had a great number of accomplishments that I'm very proud of.  First and foremost:



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My Family

I met my wife Jacquie in 1988, we started dating in 1989 and we were married in 1995.  Together we raise two great kids, Connor and Nicole.  We also have a Dog and a Cat.
Being a father is the greatest accomplishment in my life.  Everything else pales in comparison.

Splash Social Marketing

Taking my 14+ years of internent marketing experience, I fired my boss and went into business for myself.  It was a great risk, but that was over 3 years ago.  I'm very proud of the businesses I've assisted over the years, and building a business from scratch.  It wasn't easy.

Charity Work

Over the past two years, I've discovered I have a great love and passion for charity work.  Not only does my company donate money to worth while causes, but I donate my time.  Doing the costume charity work with international organizations like the 501st, Rebel Legion and Ghostbusters united, allows me to support the charities and bring smiles to childrens faces.  I can't think of a better way to spend my weekend.   Within one year, I was elected as XO for the Rebel Legion's Echo Base.  Take a look at my cosplay page if you want to learn more. 

Major League Gaming

I'm an ex MLG player.  My team P2W (play to win) was ranked number one in the United States in Rainbow Six Vegas for a year straight in the Attack and Defend category.  We were sponsored by Maxim Magazine.  It was a ton of fun while it lasted.

Hobbies / Interests:

Martial Arts, Guitar / Bass, Video Games, Walt Disney World, Universal Studios.

I'll be more than happy to come and speak about internet marketing or social network marketing at your next event.  I am also available to come in and train social media employees.  Please visit my company website:


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